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Sardinia is an almost unspoilt region, where the air quality is very high and nature, both marine and terrestrial, is carefully preserved. This natural environment is complemented by the accuracy of our Team Felix and the wide space in our hotels.

Felix Hotels values are hospitality, authenticity, reliability and transparency.
Below we provide the main information on our health and safety policies.

Our welcome will be warm, our guests will be met with a smile in our eyes. In Italy, face masks are mandatory in public spaces, both outdoors and indoors. We provide quick procedures such as web check-in. We have set up dedicated areas, away from the reception desk, to provide all the necessary information. Check-out will also be quick and scheduled upon departure. In all common areas we have provided both hand sanitiser columns, and information panels that shows the rules to be followed and the hotel services in a simple and intuitive way. The hotel also provides disposable gloves and face masks on request.

Felix Hotels pays careful attention to hygiene and sanitation and ensures a constant change of air, the primary source of well-being for guests staying in Sardinia. We use certified and specific detergents and privilege eco-friendly products. To achieve the highest level of sanitisation, Felix Hotels is equipped with ozone devices for the sanitisation and disinfection of all furnishings and fabrics, both in the common areas and in the rooms. Particular attention is given to sanitising the air conditioning system.

In our hotels and residences, all the rooms are spacious and have openings to the outside, such as terraces, gardens, balconies and windows that guarantee a constant change of air. The daily cleaning and sanitising of the room is integrated with ozone treatment at each new check-in. Linen is always sanitised with certified products.

In our hotels, the restaurant rooms are spacious, both indoors and outdoors, and table spacing ensures compliance with current regulations and guest privacy. The hotel staff will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your meal in safety and relaxation.

The swimming pools and all common areas where guests can relax are set up in compliance with all current regulations and with the privacy Felix Hotels guarantees to its guests. Parasols and sun loungers are sanitised daily. The swimming pools and Jacuzzis are constantly cleaned and treated with chlorine-based products to ensure they are kept hygienic.

Felix Hotels takes the utmost care and attention to ensure its young guests have fun, play and entertainment. The mini-club and all the areas dedicated to children are always managed in full compliance with regulations and equipped with personal protective equipment suitable to guarantee safety and hygiene.

All the bathing establishments managed or partnered by Felix Hotels comply with the current regulations on spacing and sanitation of umbrellas and sunbeds. The eastern coast of Sardinia, from the Coluccia peninsula to the Gulf of Orosei, is the paradise where Felix Hotels are located. More than 250 km of coastline, dozens of free or serviced beaches, an infinity of coves that can be reached by foot or mountain bike. Sardinia is a place where there will always be plenty of space on the beach.

Felix Hotels cares about its staff and carries out constant training and updating programmes to ensure a safe and peaceful working environment.


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