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Holidays in Bari Sardo

Felix Hotels – Galanias Hotel & Retreat is a 4-star seafront hotel in Bari Sardo, 10 minutes from the Torre dei Bari beach. It is located in Ogliastra, the region of longevity in central-eastern Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro. A holiday in Bari Sardo in Ogliastra means a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body in the most authentic

Bari Sardo, what to do in Ogliastra

Excursions, nature, rocks, gorges, caves and beaches

Bari Sardo lies on a 9km stretch of coastline from which you can reach the wide
beaches of Torre Barì, Cea or Marina Tramalitza, which are never crowded, or the coves of the Gulf of Baunei, Goloritzè, Mariolu and Sisine. Beyond the sea, in the Bari Sardo area there is unspoilt nature where you can practice mindfulness surrounded by
positive energies. Incredibly beautiful are the trekking and walks in the places that host the most suggestive gorges and caves in Europe: Gorropu canyon, Supramonte of Baunei, Gennargentu ogliastrino, the heels. Cuisine based on products strictly at zero km and produced in the villages of Ogliastra. Fine wines from the local cannonau cellars.

What to see around Bari Sardo

Tower of Barì
The symbol of Bari Sardo is the tower of Barì, built by the Aragonese between 1572 and 1639 on a rocky spur above the sea. Almost 13 metres high and with a diameter at the base of eleven, it controlled 15 kilometres of coastline between the Bella Vista and Sferracavallo capes. The fort dominates and divides the coastline into two parts: to the north is the mari de is ominis, to the south the mari de is feminas, according to a distinction born after the war when the two stretches were frequented separately by men and women.

Sa Marina Tramalitza
To the south of the Torre di Barì beach is Sa Marina Tramalitza, which is never crowded, with light-coloured sand and crystal-clear sea with green hues.

One of the ‘pearls’ of Ogliastra falls partly within the territory of Barì: Cea. More than a kilometre of soft white sand, shallow waters, smooth rocks and emerald shades of sea. At 300 metres from the shore, in the centre of the coastline, two twenty-metre stacks rise up: is Scoglius Arrubius, the symbol of Cea.

Tortolì and Arbatax
Tortolì is the commercial heart of the whole of Ogliastra and the town with the largest number of inhabitants. It is about 15 km from Galanias Hotel & Retreat. Arbatax, Porto Frailis and the long Lido di Orrì – sixteen kilometres of hidden coves and small beaches are the natural landing place for the sea in the village of Tortolì.

Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese
The territory of Baunei is characterised by sheer cliffs that have created the most famous coves in the Mediterranean, Goloritzé, Mariolu and Sisine, some of which can be reached by long treks. The karstic plateau of Golgo and the nearby Gorropu canyon, the highest in Europe, located in the territory of Urzulei, are also very interesting. Santa Maria Navarrese is a delightful coastal village with a well-known marina.

Situated at the base of the Tacchi d’Ogliastra, calcareous-dolomitic mountains whose name derives from their typical heel-like conformation, Ulassai is a village famous for the natural beauty of its territory, the Su Marmuri caves, the splendid Lequarci waterfalls and, above all, for its most famous inhabitant, the artist Maria Lai, who in 1981 brought the small village of Ogliastra to the centre of attention with her famous installation “Legarsi alla montagna” (Bound to the mountain). There are now two museums in the village dedicated to this revolutionary artist.

Culture and archaeology: what to see

Nuraghi near Bari Sardo

Ogliastra is rich in archaeological sites with nuraghi, domus de janas and tombs of the giants. Of particular interest are the Serbissi nuraghe, the Ruinas nuragic site, the highest in Sardinia, and the Gennaccili nuraghe, located inside the Monte Seleni archaeological park, near two tombs of the giants.

What to eat in Ogliastra

The Culurgionis

The culurgionis, fresh pasta stuffed with potatoes and pecorino cheese, are the first dish par excellence in Ogliastra. There are different variations depending on the town, in Bari Sardo the filling is made of potatoes, cheese, garlic and mint. Closed by hand and pinched along the edges, they depict ears of wheat. Once cooked, they are traditionally served with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of grated pecorino cheese.

The Pistoccu bread

The typical bread of Ogliastra is the pistoccu. The shapes vary from circular to rectangular. In Bari Sardo, where the Galanias Hotel and Retreat is located, su pistoccu is traditionally oval. Like the more famous pane carasau, this bread is baked and cut in half, horizontally, to be toasted again in the oven while still hot. It is enjoyed softened with water, broth or sauce and is a must with pecorino cheese and tasty Sardinian salami.

The land of Cannonau wine

Ogliastra is famous for its Cannonau, made exclusively from Cannonau grapes from the area, especially Jerzu, where there is a well-known winery. Aged in oak barrels, this wine, with its deep red colour and high alcohol content, goes perfectly with meat dishes and cheeses from the area.


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