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Holidays in Baja Sardinia

Hotel Airone is a 4-star hotel in Baja Sardinia, on the gulf across from Cannigione, less than a kilometre from the sea. It provides the ideal place for a relaxing holiday for all the family, with a range of sports and recreation facilities and a mini club to entertain the children. Baja Sardinia is one of the most enchanting, popular beach resorts in the Arzachena Gulf. Fanning out around a wide bay of crystal-clear water and fine sand, Baja Sardinia offers top-quality services and activities such as sailing, windsurfing and tennis, as well as a water park. There are any number of bars and restaurants, as well as numerous boutiques where excellent handicrafts and souvenirs can be found.

Baja Sardinia, what to do in Gallura: excursions, nature, granite rocks and beaches.

Breathtaking scenery, unspoilt inlets and kilometres of beaches of unequalled beauty. This is Arzachena. Its municipal territory covers an area of over 228 kilometres, and 88 kilometres of coastline. Its economy, in the past centred mainly on agriculture and sheep farming, is now based on tourism, due in no small part also to the wide range of accommodation available in this Gallura town. Other economic sectors are those connected with the building industry, granite quarrying and wine growing, above all the excellent Vermentino di Gallura. Located in the centre of town and a great attraction, is the enormous granite rock known as the Mushroom, the symbol of the town, which time and weather have chiselled into its strange shape.

Towns to see around Baja Sardinia

Cannigione As its name implies, this is a place of many dense reed beds. Cannigione, on the western coast of the Gulf of Arzachena, on the opposite side from our hotel 4 stelle a Baja Sardinia, was once a fishing village. The calm, sheltered waters of the inlet on which it stands have transformed this old fishing harbour into a capacious, welcoming marina. Its famous summer evening market and lovely beaches attract thousands of visitors. Porto Cervo Porto Cervo is the undisputed capital of the Costa Smeralda. Its port, one of the biggest and best equipped in the Mediterranean, is home to the famous Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, organizers of enthralling sailing regattas and races. In summer, it becomes an extraordinary procession of hundreds of yachts and famous personalities. Every day is a continuous stream of engagements with the international jet set – parties, social events, and sports events. The traditional evening stroll along the quay is a must. Palau This modern, popular holiday resort looks out over La Maddalena Archipelago National park, to which it is connected by frequent ferry services. A popular attraction 5 km from the town is Bear Rock, a massive granite formation whose shape recalls that of a crouching bear. A few kilometres from the town is the enchanting little seaside resort of Porto Rafael, so named for its founder Count Rafael Neville de Berlanga, who ably camouflaged the comfortable villas among the granite rocks and juniper trees of the Coast and made Punta Sardegna a splendid pearl of the Mediterranean.

Culture and archaeology: what to see

Nuraghi near Arzachena Indelible traces of Arzachena’s fascinating past remain in the area’s archaeological sites and finds. Just outside Arzachena, a few minutes from Baja Sardinia and our hotel 4 stelle, is an archaeological park with 8 main sites and various itineraries to follow – the Nuraghe La Prisgiona, Coddu Ecchju Giants’ Tomb, Li Lolghi Giants’ Tomb and the Li Muri necropolis, sites where visitors can immerse themselves in the history of Sardinia’s pre-Nuragic and Nuragic civilisation.

What to buy in San Pantaleo

Quality shopping and souvenirs

Perched on a granite hill, halfway between Olbia and Arzachena, is San Pantaleo, a small village, an authentic Gallura gem with its cobbled streets, known for its shops and cafes and its Thursday market, where the main street is transformed into a bustling marketplace and each stall has something original or delicious to offer.

The land of Vermentino

What to drink in Gallura Gallura is home to the biggest wineries producing Vermentino, the white grape imported by the Spanish, which together with Cannonau has become a symbol of Sardinia. Wineries nestled in the Gallura countryside are open for tours and tastings, as well as learning about winemaking history and techniques. Such as Surrau Winery in Arzachena, Capichera Winery, long one of the best interpreters of Vermentino, or the winery in Monti, a small town between lower Gallura and Lugododo in the Costa Smeralda hinterland. A complete range of Gallura wines, as well as hundreds of Italian and international labels, are available in the cellar of our gourmet restaurant at hotel a Baja Sardinia.


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