The unknown beaches of Sardinia: the hidden treasures

Guide to little-known beaches: the hidden pearls of Sardinia

A bit like the whole world Sardinia at the time of Google Maps and social media seems to have no more secrets.

Every beach, every cove, every wood is tagged, geolocated, reviewed.

In short, it almost seems that the search for a secluded and little-known beach is almost unlikely. But that’s not exactly the case.

An irregular coastal conformation and roads that are not always easy still offer almost deserted places even in the height of summer.

And even the toponym says a lot: if unequivocally Sardinian without that cloying suffix “beach” it will be a further proof of the goodness of our suggestion.

Don’t believe it?

Here are our proposals, carefully checked first, of little-known Sardinian beaches that are worth visiting.


Spiaggia di S’Orologiu

Ogliastra is one of the least known areas of Sardinia for tourism, although there are also splendid beaches here. Therefore, finding one that is not too well known here is perhaps easier. And our proposal is Spiaggia di S’Orologiu, in Tortolì, just over 20 minutes from ours Galanias Hotel&Retreat.

Why choose it

Those expecting an uncomfortable, small beach with no services will be disappointed. The large white sand beach is equipped with all beach services. The low crowding throughout the season is due to several factors. The proximity to beaches of equal value but more famous (Cea, Cala Ginepro, the lido di Orrì), the scarcity of the population of the area (the entire Ogliastra, with almost a hundred km of coastline, reaches 50,000 inhabitants in malalpena ), finally perhaps the unattractive name (no emerald or crystal). On the other hand, this beautiful beach of medium-grained white sand and a gently sloping seabed is certainly popular, but with generous spaces and almost non-existent crowds even in August.

How to get to Spiaggia di S’Orologiu

Ogliastra has a single state road that crosses it parallel to the coast, the SS 125. At the Tortolì junction proceed towards the town and then towards Orrì. Drive along Camping Orrì passing to its left, then proceed towards the beach.


Cala Pipara beach

Going north we propose the beach of Cala Pipara in the Loiri Porto San Paolo area.

Although extremely close to very famous beaches (to understand as the crow flies it is not even 2 km from the well-known Cala Brandinchi) Cala Pipara is hidden from the Calacavallo campsite nor is it visible from the coastal road.

It can be reached by car (it is just over 10 minutes from ours

Hotel Residence Porto San Paolo, and it is possible to park at about 500 meters.

Why choose it

The beach is not large in size but not very crowded even in high season because in practice the nearby campsite, which does not fill its capacity, has substantially hidden it from the large influx that instead touches almost all the beaches in that area. Of very fine white sand, it slopes slowly and ends on the right side with a beautiful cliff, ideal for snorkelers. Finally, it enjoys an incomparable view of Molara and Tavolara, perhaps the best.

How to get to Cala Pipara

Passing from the SS 125, turn at the crossroads for the Grande Baia resort, leave it on the left and proceed towards the sea, park in the designated areas and follow the signs for Grande Baia. Cala Pipara is the immediately following beach. Alternatively, turn at the crossroads for Cala Brandinchi and follow the signs for Calacavallo, then after the campsite, park and take the dirt path which in this case will lead you directly to the beach.



Poltu Casu beach

Incredibly even Olbia, which with its port and airport among the busiest in Italy certainly cannot be said to be isolated, is home to one of the lesser-known beaches of Sardinia that yet would have all the elements to be always crowded: it is sheltered from both the mistral and the sirocco. , has a beautiful beach of white sand tending to pink, is surrounded by a very green Mediterranean scrub, has a beautiful seabed full of fish.

It is Poltu Casu, which is located not far from the hamlet of Murta Maria, on the promontory that ends with Capo Ceraso.

Why choose it

The reasons why this beach (which is about 30 minutes drive from ours Hotel Felix Olbia) is not very well known are different: for a long time it was the destination of free camping (which beyond 24 hours is illegal) and therefore “protected” by a sort of silence on the part of its visitors. The road to reach it also stops at a stony and steeply sloping path. Also, many of the regulars tend not to talk about it or belittle it … simply to prevent it from knowing each other.

How to get to Poltu Casu

Passing from the SS125, turn towards Murta Maria and then proceed towards Capo Ceraso. There are no signs for Poltu Casu, therefore you must always keep to Via Funtana Umbrina (dirt road) for about 3 km. Arriving at a crossroads you will notice a sloping road to the left, to be traveled slowly because it is not in good condition. Follow it for about 400 meters, park in the clearing and proceed on foot for about 200 meters along the path that leads to the beach. Sports shoes are recommended.


Corbezzoli beach

You are in Costa Smeralda, the most “touristic” place in Sardinia. And it would seem impossible to find, especially in high season, a beautiful beach to visit without the typical crowding of the area. Instead, against all odds, we found it there.
This is the Corbezzoli beach (do not look for them in the middle of summer, it is an autumn fruit) which is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Saline, not far from Cannigione.

Why choose it

This small pinkish medium-fine-grained beach is hidden by lush Mediterranean scrub, the crystal-clear water is full of fish and it is not uncommon to see cormorants practically on the shore (proof that it is very little frequented).


How to get to the Corbezzoli beach


The beach is not signposted, but can nevertheless be reached on foot from the SP 13. After the parking of La Iaciola (towards Palau) exactly 250m later you will notice the lack of Mediterranean scrub for a few meters, barely visible from the road. Park on the opposite side (a small clearing allows less than a dozen cars to stop) then cross the road and via a small path that can only be walked on you will arrive in this peaceful corner, 10 kilometers from Porto Cervo and not even 15 minutes by foot. drive from our Hotel Airone.



Padula Piatta beach

Overcoming the Costa Smeralda, about 20 minutes by car from our Coutry Resort Parco degli Ulivi there is the Padula Piatta beach, really beautiful and almost never crowded.
It is basically the other part of the Costa Serena beach, but it is much less known than the latter.

Why choose it

The beach is large, the medium-grained sand has strong golden reflections and the shallow water makes it excellent for families as well. It is divided in two by the mouth of the Rio Petralana into the sea, which gives the beach a touch of wilderness due to the presence of numerous resident avian fauna. The spontaneous Mediterranean scrub reaches almost to the sea and in the summer season it punctuates the sand with beautiful sea lilies. The view overlooks the islet of Costa Serena.

How to get to Padula Piatta

Passing from the SS 133, turn at the intersection with the SP98 (Barrabisa / Isola dei Gabbiani), then after about 1km, turn in the direction of the Cala Petralana residence, pass it and continue for 1km to the crossroads of Costa Serena. At that point, turn left, the beach is visible from the road.


Continuing further north we find the last beach of our short list of little known beaches in Sardinia.



Balcaccia beach

The Balcaccia is one of the northernmost beaches in Sardinia, with medium-grained sand with golden reflections and a crystalline seabed. Not wide, on the left side it is bordered by a beautiful reef excellent for snorkeling due to the incredible transparency of the water. The natural context in which it is inserted is objectively uncontaminated: the Mediterranean scrub reaches the beach, the silence dominates (the roads are far away), you really have a feeling of peace and detachment. It is never crowded, not even in August, and is not even 20 minutes by car from ours Felix Hotel La Coluccia.

How to get to La Balcaccia

Why is this beach semi-unknown? It is practically not signposted in the streets. In fact, to get there, passing from the SS 133 bis, just before the hamlet of Ruoni, it is necessary to know which of the many roads that overlook it is the one that leads to the beach. We tell you: it is that of Lu Rotu Ecchju. Continuing for about 4 kilometers (at moderate speed, the road is narrow but two-way) you will arrive directly at the beach.


We have finished our short list of suggestive and little known beaches of Sardinia. We admit that it was not easy to find them, and sometimes reaching them will not be easy for you either. But believe us, returning from your holiday telling with ill-concealed pride of the semi-deserted beach (better if supported by some photos) will be like myrtle at the end of a meal: another little pleasure of your holiday in Sardinia.









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