The Tavolara Film Festival 2022: the exaltation of Italian cinema in a unique environmental context.

The “A Night in Italy” Film Festival: for over 20 years in the enchanting setting of Tavolara

The festival, born in 1991, is today in all probability the major summer attraction for film enthusiasts in Sardinia.

Its apparently simple formula focuses on uniting actors and spectators, critics and authors in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty.

Tavolara Island, which stands out almost 560 meters above the Gulf of Olbia is in fact an exceptional natural stage which for over twenty years has now hosted an event that has become more and more sought after year by year, first of all by those who make cinema.

“It’s not just because Sardinia is beautiful and comfortable, it can’t just be that, there is something different and more.
A motu proprio which, while the funds shrink, increases the passion for the festival and the number of people who would like to participate and who come and invent a thousand excuses to be with us. “
Piera Detassis, artistic director

Credits: Sardegnaturismo


A great Festival born of lucky events and a passion for cinema

The festival“Una Notte in Italia

was born on the initiative of the brothers Marco and Augusto Navone, who were adopted by Olbia.

Augusto, delegate to culture of the Municipality of Olbia, taking advantage of the opportunity given by an itinerant film festival, proposes the project to the organizers, Antonello Grimaldi, Franco Ferrandu and Sante Maurizi.

The first edition is presented by Sergio Rubini, Margherita Buy and Fabrizio Bentivoglio, who in turn will present to the Navone brothers Piera Detassis, an established film journalist who will become the artistic director of the festival.

And so, in a natural way and without particular projects or speculations, a formula is born to propose cinema in a simple but effective way, extending the days of programming and offering an ever wider and more varied cinema experience.

Today the exhibition offers not only several screening evenings but also interesting collateral activities with music, art and photography. And then the debates between authors, authors and directors and the public, who here can truly experience an “unfiltered” experience with the protagonists of Italian cinema.
In fact, the relaxed atmosphere and a simple setting that is respectful of the environment make this a unique experience even for artists.

A simple recipe: good cinema and respect for the environment

The recipe for creating ever-increasing success does not necessarily consist of major investments.

In fact, on closer inspection, “A night in Italy” has had very clear connotations from the very beginning which have nevertheless sanctioned its success.

First of all, a cinema proposal that knows how, every year, to combine famous films with little distributed films, to give a showcase to authors and actors who struggle to reach the general public.

A space dedicated to Sardinian cinema, which has often followed up on subsequent collaborations on a national level.

Last, but certainly not least, sincere and not forced attention to the environment that hosts this initiative and which is an irreplaceable ingredient. The creation of Area Marina protetta di Tavolara in fact, it had a stimulus precisely from the enhancement given by the Festival to this area.


A resource for the territory

The presence of the most famous national actors and the appeal that this festival operates are undoubtedly a driving force for the territory of Porto San Paolo.

The expansion of the duration of the event, the quality of the initiatives implemented over the years (which has now become the subject of specific internships for some universities), the constant growth of the public, a prominent media exposure.
All these factors make “A Night in Italy” an important showcase for the entire coastal strip overlooking the Tavolara.

But that’s not all: the festival has networked with other film festivals that also take place on the other islands bordering Sardinia:  La valigia dell’attore which takes place in La Maddalena, the Asinara festival Pensieri e parole and that of Carloforte Creuza de Mà. This initiative favors collaboration between the different initiatives and at the same time offers a sort of path for film tourists.

How to arrive and watch the screenings

Tavolara can be reached by own means or by ferry. At you will find all the information to reach it and many other useful information.

Reservations are required to participate in the viewing of the films. The presale takes place online on the website of the Cinema Teatro Olbia:

If you are passionate about cinema and the sea we are sure to have provided you with useful information and ideas for a holiday with us. Indeed Felix Hotels is present here with his Residence Hotel Porto San Paolo, a few hundred meters from the ferry dock for Tavolara, and less than 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Felix Olbia. An excellent opportunity, don’t you think?


The “A Night in Italy” Film Festival has been taking place for over 20 years in the enchanting setting of Tavolara: all you need to know.


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