Discover the five most beautiful beaches ..and a hotel with swimming pool in Olbia!

Our city certainly has more than five beautiful beaches, but when the mistral wind becomes unbearable, having a hotel with a swimming pool in Olbia can be a good choice

Certainly making a short list of just five beaches is not giving due prominence to the entire coastal area of Olbia, which has no less than twenty. However, since tourists often do not have much time available, it is right to give some indications even though these can always be subjective and arbitrary.
However, our short list is not intended as a ranking, but as advice given by those who live in the place. The order of presentation of these beaches will therefore be simply geographical, from south to north.

Credits Sardegna Turismo

Li Cuncheddi beach
This medium-grained sandy beach is about a 25-minute drive from our Hotel Felix Olbia. Turning off at Murta Maria, just follow the signs for Capo Ceraso, you will find signs for the beach after about two kilometres.
Located on the northern edge of the Tavolara Marine Protected Area, sufficiently large in size and with a generous extension of Mediterranean scrub behind it, Li Cuncheddi truly has the typical colors of coastal Sardinia. The white sand tending to pinkish, a turquoise seabed and the strong green of the juniper make this beach one of those not to be missed in this area. There are free parking areas nearby.

Credits Sardegna Turismo

Porto Istana beach
A beach that certainly could not be missing from our list of the five most beautiful beaches in Olbia is the Porto Istana area. These 4 coves are characterized by an incredibly transparent and low seabed for many meters, similar if not superior to that of the Caribbean beaches. The beaches are interspersed with low pink granite cliffs, surrounded by lush Mediterranean scrub. They are equipped with all services, and a paid car park is located in the immediate vicinity.
It can be reached from the Hotel Felix Olbia in about 20 minutes.

Saline beach
This generously sized beach takes its name from the salt marshes that are nearby. Formed by a medium-grained and yellow / reddish beach, it is among the most loved by surfers because in case of wind f (which is not unusual in Sardinia) it lends itself splendidly to this sport, as well as for long and pleasant walks on the shore . Given the undertow that develops on this beach, the seabed easily reaches 2 meters and more within a few steps. It can be reached easily, following the indications present on the SS 125, and is not even 8 km from the junction that indicates it. It is equipped with free and paid parking and the main services.

Turning now to the area of the beaches that are located north of Olbia, we cannot fail to mention that of Pittulongu, the best known and loved by the people of Olbia who simply call it “la playa” (the beach in Sardinian)
It is a stretch of beach one kilometer long and over 50 meters wide in its deepest part, composed of medium-grained, white and soft sand. The seabed is shallow for several meters and remains a pale blue. It is equipped with all services, ample free and paid parking and is just 15 minutes from our Hotel Felix Olbia.

Spiaggia di Mare Rocce
Continuing north we meet the beach of the hamlet of Olbia from which it takes its name. Not wide (it is recommended to arrive in the morning) it has extremely white and fine sand and a crystalline seabed that remains a few tens of centimeters deep for many meters, creating that Tahiti effect that we often find on the beaches of Sardinia. It is equipped with all services and it is possible to park for free nearby. For these reasons we find it almost mandatory to include it among the five most beautiful beaches in Olbia.

At this point the question could arise spontaneously: why build a hotel with a swimming pool in Olbia? This may seem out of place, yet it makes sense.

Firstly, a hotel is not always frequented by tourists. Our Hotel Felix Olbia is open all year round, and for those who are here on business having a swimming pool in the hotel, even on warm autumn days, can certainly be a non-negligible element

The pool is also perfect in summer on those days where the strong wind makes the beach not very pleasant or where, despite the heat, there is the possibility of rain.

And if, as in the case of our Hotel Felix Olbia, there are two swimming pools and one is located on the roof of the hotel, a panoramic view and a cocktail will not make you miss the beach too much.
We therefore invite you to visit the five most beautiful beaches of our city and to stay in our hotel with swimming pool in Olbia.
We are waiting for you!


In Olbia there are many beaches, but the Felix Hotel in Olbia has two splendid swimming pools for days with a strong mistral wind


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