Loiri and Porto San Paolo, the perfect example of the new Sardinia.

Just south of Olbia Loiri-Porto San Paolo contain the essence of modern Sardinia.


The same municipality but two different souls, in some ways almost opposite. Loiri and Porto San Paolo are the paradigm of the two souls of Sardinia.


Loiri is located in the interior of the Gallura area, about 15 km from the sea.
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It represents ancient and genuine Sardinia. Cork trees that disappear into the horizon, lush vineyards and small country churches make Loiri a typical example of a Gallura town.

The current territory of Loiri has been inhabited since ancient times and certainly since the early Middle Ages. In fact, some communities were present, as evidenced by the church in Santa Giusta, which was an important place of worship in the Giudicato of Gallura. Its large territory, however, cannot be totally attributed to the historical region of Gallura. The westernmost part is historically part of the barony of Silvas de Intro, connected for centuries to the historical region of Monteacuto. Subsequently, during the Spanish domination, the territory was part of an extensive fiefdom called “encontrada di Gallura” and defined as “salto”. This term meant some wild and wooded areas within a fiefdom, territories generally used for the collection of wood and for grazing pig livestock due to the presence of numerous oak forests, which are still very present in its territory. territory. A large but sparsely populated territory, in which the culture of the stazzi persisted until after the Second World War. The traditional livestock breeding was accompanied by the cultivation of vines, but the town remained a fraction of Tempio Pausania until almost the 1980s.
Today the town has lost a bit of the typical conformation of the small villages built around the main church, but it is enough to participate in the feast of San Nicola, the patron saint of the town, and any doubts will be lost. It is a beautiful cross-section of traditional Gallura, with the tenacious daily use of the language of the fathers, evidenced by the presence of a famous polyphonic choir. Traditional desserts and dishes characterize Loiri as a town proudly attached to its origins but active and not at all closed in on itself.

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You go towards the sea, and you encounter the maritime and dynamic soul of this curious combination: Porto San Paolo

This enchanting seaside village overlooks the breathtaking view of the majestic Island of Tavolara and its protected marine area, and is set in an area full of beaches and coves of rare beauty, such as Cala Girgolu, Porto Taverna or the famous Cala Brandinchi.
During the summer, this seaside town transforms, welcoming a cosmopolitan and vibrant population, which crowds the numerous clubs and restaurants along the coast. But a peculiarity of Porto San Paolo is that of having combined worldliness with culture. In fact, every year numerous musical or entertainment events take place, as well as the famous Una notte in Italia film festival, which attracts the attention of the Italian cinema scene for a week.

Despite its rapid and in some ways impetuous growth, mainly linked to tourism and construction, Porto San Paolo still remains a virtuous example of modernity in balance with the surrounding natural beauty.

A curiosity: Porto San Paolo also differs from Loiri in its religious aspects.
In fact, in the seaside village the most heartfelt festivities are those dedicated to Saint Peter and Paul and the Madonna del Mare. Religious celebrations take place on 29 June for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul and on 15 August for the Ferragosto feast. On both occasions masses and processions take place. The procession on August 15 reaches its peak in the evocative setting of the waters between Porto San Paolo and Tavolara, with dozens of boats accompanying the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Apparently these two places have nothing in common, yet together Loiri and Porto San Paolo represent a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, offering visitors a unique experience that celebrates the rich diversity of Sardinia.

Where to stay in Porto San Paolo?

Overlooking the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara, the Felix Hotel Residence Porto San Paolo offers an interesting solution that combines the services of a hotel with those of a residence.
It offers large, bright spaces, furnished in a modern style, and is equipped with rooms with or without an equipped kitchen, which can be booked with breakfast included or half board.
And if after a long day at the beach you don’t feel like an evening walk, the hotel restaurant is at your disposal.
A further peculiarity of our hotel in Porto San Paolo is certainly its swimming pool on the panoramic terrace, with a spectacular view of the majestic island of Tavolara.

We hope to have given you some useful information about Loiri and Porto San Paolo, and some more reasons to visit them.
We are waiting for you at the hotel!





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