Costa Smeralda: Active tourism, Trekking, walks and health trails between nature and history

Active tourism is also on the Costa Smeralda: the Pevero Health Trail

The Pevero Health Trail runs for kilometers along the Mediterranean scrub and the most fascinating beaches

The Costa Smeralda under another gaze. Sports shoes on your feet and the desire to admire a breathtaking panorama of Mediterranean scrub, crystal clear waters and granite rocks. A few kilometers from ourso Country Resort Parco deli Ulivi it is possible along the Pevero Health Trail, a trekking route created by Smeralda Holding in collaboration with the Costa Smeralda Consortium and the Pevero Golf Club, which winds along one of the areas of greatest environmental value on the Costa Smeralda, which is nestled between the Pevero and the Romazzino and which takes the name of Monti Zoppu.

This trekking route on the Costa Smeralda is altogether thirteen kilometers long, all unpaved. The difficulty of the route varies from point to point: in some it is low, in others it is average. The paths can be practiced both on foot and with the mountain bike. There are five entry and exit points to the Pevero Health Trail: Grande Pevero, Pevero, Piccolo Romazzino, Romazzino and Porto Liccia. It is in fact possible to customize the excursion by combining several sections, choosing sections of paths on which to move based on the kilometers you want to do or the panoramic points you want to reach.

The health courses

The paths are intertwined in several points and are all very well marked by signs made of recycled wood, colored in white and red according to the canons of the Italian Alpine Club. They indicate the various directions and provide information on historical or environmental points of interest. To help with the signage, the Pevero Health Trail can be consulted on a paper map, at the internet address and with a QR code, present on all signs.

The two main routes of Trekkig in Costa Smeralda are the Energy and Relax path: the first is 7 km long and is characterized by fitness equipment stations, identified with the names of the plants typical of the Sardinian territory. The Relax path is also about 7 kilometers long and allows you to walk along the old paths and dry stone walls of the coast. The route allows you to reach the small statue of the “Madonna dello Speronello” on the gulf of Grande Pevero, which recalls the tragic flood of Montalto di Castro. There you can also see “Lu Rottu”, where in the past the processing of wheat and the sheepfold of “Monte Zoppo” took place, agro-pastoral testimony of this area of Gallura.

Pevero Health Trail

Monti Zoppu and the stazzi

Monti Zoppu is a very large area, amounting to over 300 hectares, and has a great biodiversity. The dominant landscape is that of the Mediterranean scrub. There are juniper, mastic, phillyrea, strawberry tree, olive, myrtle, heather, cistus plants and, in the most sheltered points from the wind, holm oak. There is also the Phoenician juniper and the one called coccolone, with which the beams were built to support the roofs of the Gallura stazzi. Walking the Pevero Health Trail is also an immersion in the culture and recent history of Gallura and the Costa Smeralda. There are several stazzi, some abandoned, which are found along the way. As evidence of the settlements of the Gallura families who populated the areas near the coasts. The stazzo was the place where the family, made up of ranchers and farmers, lived, and represented, in full, the properties that that family had: productive land, vegetable gardens, vineyards, woods. From these stazzi it is possible to admire a breathtaking landscape, which extends from Romazzino to the Mortorio and Soffi islands to end with Tavolara. For those who love the sea, there is something more accessible: between one walk and another you can swim in the beach of Nibàni (pay attention to the accent, which falls on the a) and of Poltu Liccia, near the hotel Romazzino.


The Sentiero Pevero is a path of health through the areas of Pevero e Romazzino , which passes through the bay of Porto Liccia and the bay of Grande Pevero. The path, 13,000 meters long, includes 11 fitness stations: Lavender – Rosemary – Cistus – Myrtle – Lentisk – Broom – Strawberry Tree – Juniper – Euphorbia – Honeysuckle – Tamarice equipped with benches and exercise equipment, to combine walking and running to training


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